About Nepali TV

Nepali TV was established in 2005 with the aim of providing quality Nepalese language TV programs for Nepalese diasporas living outside Nepal. We are proud to say that it is the first and only Nepalese language television channel to be broadcasted from Europe. Currently we provide our service to UK, Europe, Middle East and some parts of North Africa covering over 60 countries with plans to expand even further.
Our mission is to bring Nepal closer to our viewer’s heart and to help educate and create awareness among the younger Nepalese generation about Nepal, by televising various interesting, entertaining and educational programs. We provide various programmes encompassing the latest news and happenings in Nepal, Nepalese ethnic culture and traditions, latest chart toppers; educational programmes comedy series, movies and much more.
Being so far away from Nepal is bound to cause nostalgia and it is very easy to forget and be out of touch with what is happening back home having had to lead such a busy and hectic lifestyle in a different country. It is for this very reason that Nepali TV strives to make our viewers feel closer to Nepal and help alleviate the nostalgia by keeping them in touch with what is happening back at home.
Nepali TV has become a much loved channel in many households. We are in close contact with all the UK local Nepalese communities and are in high demand to televise local activities and events.