Nepali Open Concert 2017

Event  : Nepali Open Concert 2017
Venue : Farnborough
Date    : 2017-06-03

Farnborough Football Club - Conference and Banqueting

Cherrywood Road


GU14 8UD

Nepali Open Concert is the only event that takes out in the open field organised by Magar Association UK in Nepali community for all people who loves Nepali music / dance & band. Magar Association UK is a large organisation. We have 12 branches and many members in different towns across the country. The main aim is to bring maximum members in one place for annual get togather celebrate with Nepali music.

We garantee at least six hours continue vibrant music / band / singing / dancing. You will not regret the event.

Check out the banner and see who is coming.

Come and join us for a day and ejoy the event.