Flood-displaced rhino rescued from India

A one-horned rhino from the Chitwan National Park, which was swept away by the Rapti river flood on August 13, has been rescued from Balmiki Nagar-based Madanpur area in India.

The female rhino was released to its habitat at Janakauli Forest Area on the east sector of Sauraha inside the national park on Friday.

According to CNP Chief Conservation Officer Ram Chandra Kandel, eight rhinos swept away by the Rapti river to India have been rescued and relocated with the help of Indian officials. However, one of the rhinos was found dead at Gandak Canal.The CNP team is also preparing to rescue two other rhinos that are stranded at India’s Keuleni and Narsahi areas in neighbouring Nawalparasi district.

The monsoon flood had mostly affected small animals and more than 15 protected deer had also died in the flood. CNP officials have suspected that the flood also likely affected the park’s Ghariyal population. This news was published by Kathmandu post.