Sher Bahadur’s opening lukewarm

Sher Bahadur, a feature film which released on Friday in over six dozen theatres across the country, secured 45 percent occupancy, according to Gopal Kaji Kayastha, the film’s official distributor. The film has made a tepid foray into the box office despite drawing plaudits from the industry’s movers and shakers during its premiere last week. 

“The film has done better at multiplexes in the Valley as compared to mofussil,” said Kayastha, “Though the response from the audience has been generally positive.” Directed by R Rajbanshi, Sher Bahadur features Sunil Thapa in the lead role, marking his comeback in Nepali film industry.

During the film’s premiere on Thursday, Thapa said, “It was a unique film, different than any other I have played in so far. To be honest, I think it is a good, beautiful suspense. While most of those who attended the premiere lauded the film’s “unique presentation” and “gripping storytelling.”

Comedian and actor Kedar Ghimire, speaking to media persons at the premiere said, “The film has a unique presentation. It is a thriller and, within the thriller, it is also a comedy.”

While actor Haribansha Acharya said that the film “is not just a thriller but also a ‘four-ler’,” adding that, “the film is original and unlike any other film made in Nepal so far.”

Actor Paul Shah, who has starred in films like Nai Nabhannu La 4 and Johnny Gentleman, among others, said, “The film is very ‘thrilling’. It is very frightening. For the two hours runtime, we just stay inside the theatre in ‘suspense’. And in the end, you say wow, so this is how it is.”  Alongside Thapa, Sher Bahadur features actors Menuka Pradhan, Karma, Rabindra Jha, and Janwi Bohara, among others. This news is cited from Kathmandu Post.