Are we to be jailed by Oli’ govt, asks UCPN (M) gen secy Mahara

General Secretary Krishna Bahadur Mahara has questioned if his party leaders including the Chairman are intended to put behind the bars as talks of reopening their cases are making rounds.

Addressing the Parliament session on Wednesday, leader Mahara asked, ‘”Are we to be jailed during Oli’s government? Talks of detaining our leaders are making rounds. These things will not let the country prosper.”

Mahara’s address is being considered meaningful at a time when relation between two coalition partners—CPN-UML and UCPN (M)—is going down a rough path after the latter decided to form unity government under Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. It is being speculated that UCPN (M) estranged from its government partner due to suspicions of UML reopening old cases against it’s leaders.

Praising government’s stand to the national sovereignty, Mahara, however, said that the government failed to meet people’s expectations.