Google dedicates doodle to Nepal’s Republic Day

The Google has created a special  doodle, dedicating to Nepal’s ninth Republic Day, being celebrated across the country with various programmes on Saturday.

The doodle shows Nepal’s national bird Danphe (Lophophorus) dipped in vibrant crimson and blue, the colours featured in the Nepali national flag.

The doodle is crafted by Alyssa Winans to honour the history of the country, filled with ups and downs, and the resilience of the people here, according to the global search giant.

This doodle, however, is only accessible from Nepal.

The description of today’s doodle by Google reads:

  • Happy Republic Day, Nepal!

Today’s doodle shows Nepal’s national bird, the Danphe, or the Himalayan Monal. The male pheasant is brilliantly plumed with iridescent colours highlighting the beauty of Nepal. The female, a mild brown, represents its constancy and warmth. Similarly, Nepal is a nation of vibrancy and contrast, counting among its features both the world’s highest and most unforgiving peak and the well-preserved and magical temples and shrines of Kathmandu.

The landscape is an appropriate metaphor for the history of a nation in which, despite great upheaval, peace prevails. We hope today’s doodle by Alyssa Winans brings pride and joy to the people of Nepal.

The company had dedicated a doodle to Nepal on the Republic Day last year as well to show solidarity with the people of Nepal after the devastating earthquakes of April 25 and May 12.