Lawmakers lash out at govt over various issues

 Lawmakers speaking during the Zero Hour of the Parliament meeting on Thursday drew the government’s attention toward national as well as local problems.

They mentioned problems including increasing cases of violence against women in recent days and alleged the government of not taking action against perpetrators of such offences as rape and women harassment.



The lawmakers showed their concern over the increasing commercialisation in education sector and the involvement of unscrupulous people in it, even blaming the government employees for inviting aberrations in the sector. They underlined the need of addressing this problem pronto.

Likewise, referring to the loss of lives and property caused by windstorms in different places of the country, the lawmakers commented that the government has not paid attention towards providing reliefs to the affected people.

They also lashed out at the government claiming the earthquake survivors did not get relief. They also claimed of partiality in the distribution of relief to the earthquake survivors.

The MPs demanded that the government should allow the National Cooperatives Development Bank to distribute the relief amount to the survivors.