No way out unless Big III jointly take initiatives, says Karna

Sadbhawana Party co-chairman Laxman Lal Karna on Wednesday said the nation would not find any way out from the existing political stalemate unless the big three parties took joint initiatives for the same.

Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters’ Club Nepal in the Capital today, a leader of one of the major constituents of the protesting Federal Alliance, Karna said the protesting parties would not ignore talks if the big parties jointly took initiatives.

“But, there should not be talks for talks,” he maintained, “The talks should be made meaningful and result-oriented.”

Karna added that the government should meet conditions of the Federal Alliance to hold the meaningful dialogues.

The government should declare those deceased in the Madhes protests martyrs and form a investigation commission to probe into human rights violations in the protests, he explained.

The government has just been staging a drama in the name of the talks and it does not want to solve the issue, the protesting leader reiterated.

“Whenever we launch the protest programmes, the government re-stages the drama of dialogues. It is not acceptable to us.”

In another context, Karna commented that the names the government picked for ambassadors and the Judicial Council for justices recently were not inclusive.