Parliament to be dissolved

The incumbent Parliament will dissolve on Friday, a week prior to its automatic dissolution.

Parliament will be dissolved on Friday as incumbent lawmakers will be going to their respective constituencies for the federal and provincial elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7.

As per the constitution, incumbent Parliament is automatically dissolved a day prior to filing of the nominations. The Election Commission has set October 22 as the date for filing nominations for the upcoming polls.

The parties have agreed to dissolve Parliament on Friday in view of the upcoming elections as well as the Tihar festival, which will be observed for five days from October 17, sources said.

The incumbent Parliament passed some landmark bills, including the Health Insurance Bill, on Tuesday, ensuring universal health coverage. In August, it enacted a new law criminalising the centuries-old Chhaupadi custom in a move that was largely hailed by national and international rights campaigners. Some controversial bills, however, were also passed, including the Education Act  (Ninth Amendment) Bill, during its tenure despite widespread criticism from different quarters.

Source: Kathmandu Post